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Lighting for Sale

At Rattan, we cater to every need and our lighting is no different. If you’re after an indoor or outdoor fitting, we have a range of designs available to choose from the UK’s leading manufacturers. Our fixtures are available with LED or regular bulbs and cover styles for every room.

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Which style of lighting do you need?

Our fantastic, dedicated lighting department boasts a vast range of chandeliers, wall lights, table and floor lamps, bathroom and outdoor lighting from leading UK-based manufacturers.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s an abundance of choice for every room and purpose throughout your home. With thousands of options available, you’ll be able to match any lighting and style to your home and décor.

Wall Lighting

For interior lighting in a smaller space or adding brightness to a room, mounted wall lighting is a great option. We have a range of options to choose from in materials such as brass, chrome, wood and nickel. Our variety of designs ranges from classical to contemporary, decorative to functional.

With a wide selection of metal-mounted lighting, there are also candle-effect styles available for decorative lighting which bring a calming, warm light through glass pieces. Wall lighting is easy to clean and maintain making it an excellent choice for bathroom lighting.

Ceiling, Chandeliers and Fixed Lighting

When buying lighting that will be fitted from the ceiling, the main questions to consider are whether you want hanging lights or flushed. This, of course, all depends on the height of your ceiling. Usually, a high ceiling will lend itself to hanging fittings such as pendants and chandeliers. A lower ceiling will usually mean fixtures such as recessed, flushed or semi-flushed are the better option.

When choosing hanging lighting for high ceilings, you’ll need to consider the length of the full light to ensure it won’t hang too low. Pendant lighting can add a touch of glamour, incorporating metals and glass which sparkle when the light hits it. Our range includes clusters, cascades, bars and single pendants for rustic lighting.

For rooms with low ceilings, flushed lighting or semi-flush are the best options. In contemporary accommodation, such as new houses and flats, ceilings are often lower as space is more of a premium. For kitchens, spotlights that you can direct to specific areas, and recessed lighting, provide modern a modern lighting solution.

Chandeliers are the truest statement of sophistication and style. They are opulent and elegant features that bring the best out in a well-decorated room. Our hand-picked range of hanging centrepieces from leading manufacturers will take your home to the next level of glamour.

Floor Lamps and Table-Toppers

The obvious benefit of floor lamps and table toppers is that they can be moved around your home, so as you decorate or remodel, the lights can be relocated to reflect this. They come in a broad variety of different shapes and sizes. Lamps can serve lots of purposes at home, from being practical to purely aesthetic.

Whether you want them for reading and studying, part of coordinated décor or to be a standalone piece in an eclectic mix of furnishings, we stock a range for you to choose from. Above all, lamps and table lights are great for chilling out by and unwinding next to – giving a relaxed feel to any room.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be fitted for many reasons, such as function or fashion. You may need to light part of your property for security, want to draw attention to a particular area that you’re proud of or provide light by your front door. Whatever your reason, it is important to consider the size, style and type of area you want to illuminate.

Most of our outdoor lighting is wall mounted, giving you excellent options for illuminating the front or back of your home. Flushed outdoor lighting is also available, useful for lighting a porch or garage space. Our stock of sensor lighting can be used for security or welcoming a guest.